About Bunny's Bakery

We are a tiny, custom bakery operating in Brooklyn. Cookies and brownies may be shipped and will arrive within twenty-four hours after coming out of the oven; standard FedEx shipping charges apply. Hand delivery within Manhattan is  available for all items. Welcome and enjoy!

About Our Superlative Baked Goods

Everything from Bunny’s Bakery is handmade to order, from scratch, using only the finest fresh ingredients. All curds are imported from England, where I spent my first four years and where many of my tastes were formed, during Teatime, indulging in Mum’s great creations. However, unless a dessert is credited to Mum or Granny, all recipes are my own, tested with love and care, and often named after a friend who has declared it their favorite. Who knows-- maybe you will inspire the next new flavor!

If you have a large or special order, please inquire; I’m happy to work with you to meet your needs. Together we can create your one-of-a-kind custom creation. I’ll  enclose a hand-written gift card with your message — and, if the occasion calls for it, I’ll include candles. Please give me a week’s notice for every order if possible. All items are exclusive to Bunny’s Bakery and only available directly.